Palm Sunday Responsive Reading

2 Apr , 2020  

Palm Sunday Responsive Reading   Reader:    Jesus came to Jerusalem and the people waved Palm branched and laid their clothing in the road and cried Congregation:    Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord: Reader:    Blessed is the kingdom that cometh Congregation:    The kingdom of our father David: Hosanna in the […]

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Glad Tidings

You May Think Easter Is Over

30 Apr , 2017  

GT—Volume 14 Issue 5 Jesus Alive in Our Lives Ruth and I, early in our life in Christ, were advisors to a church youth group. One Easter morning we went to a sunrise service, then had an early pancake breakfast at our church and afterward went to an Easter Egg hunt at my sister’s home. […]

Christ and Culture

Happy, Happy Easter!!

16 Apr , 2017  

Hallelujah! He is Risen! He is Risen. Hallelujah!! This is the traditional call and response in more liturgical churches on Easter morning. It is a joyous affirmation of our faith. We are participants in Christ’s resurrection because in our surrender to Him as Lord, we died in Him to sin and were resurrected to new […]

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Glad Tidings

GT—Volume 13 Issue 8

5 Aug , 2016  

Rose-Colored Glasses I started a book, “What the World Needs is More Martyrs”, citing the need to stand up for Christianity and morality, despite the cost of loss of jobs and friends and in the face of judicial penalties. That was several years ago when a wedding photographer was sued for refusing to photograph a homosexual uniting […]

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Easter Praise

30 May , 2016  

Maranatha! Resurrection Day! March 31, 2013 First, let me share with you the traditional Easter greeting. The greeting: Hallelujah! Christ is risen! The Response: Christ risen indeed! Hallelujah! We are elated that God’s promise of the resurrection was proven to many witnesses. They saw the death of Christ. They knew that He was dead and […]


Christ and Culture

National Cultural vs. Culture of Christ

9 Jun , 2014  

Gratia Christi, quod Sum, quod Vivo, quoque Laboro facit. “The grace of Christ makes what I am, what I live, what I do” National Cultural vs. Culture of Christ America, as I am fond of saying, is a nation founded in Christ. Columbus, upon discovering the Western Hemisphere, planted a cross and claimed this new-found Continent […]

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