Christ and Culture

Praying for the Church

30 May , 2016  

Author: Steve Gammon, Conference Minister


One of the most important things any of us can do for our churches is to pray for them. When Paul wrote to the churches the things dearest on his heart, he often focused on prayer.

Prayers of Thanksgiving

In Colossians 1, for example, there are wonderful lessons on how to pray for the church. In verses 4-7 Paul begins with prayers of thanksgiving. Let me encourage you to join me in praying such prayers of thanksgiving for the faith of God’s people, for their love, and hope, for their response to the gospel that still goes out, and for faithful ministry leaders like Epaphras.

Prayers of Petitions

Then in verses 9-14 Paul presents a list of petitions for which he unceasingly prays for the church—for the knowledge of His will, for spiritual wisdom and understanding, for lives lived “worthy of the Lord”, for bearing fruit in every good work, for growth in the knowledge of God, for strength and power, for great endurance and patience, for joyful thanksgiving to the Father, that they might know that God has qualified them and has already rescued them from the dominion of darkness, that they might know that God has brought them into the Kingdom of the Son He loves, and that they might truly believe in the redemption and forgiveness of sins that is theirs in Christ Jesus!

Paul not only longed for these things for the church! He fervently prayed for them! I want you to know that I am praying for you! And I urge you all to be praying for the church!


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