Glad Tidings

GT—Volume 11 Issue 6

7 Jun , 2014  

Why? A two year-old child begins to differentiate himself or herself as an independent being.  She learns the power of “No!”  He begins to exercise his and her will (or won’t) power.  Father says, “How would you like to go to the store with me?”  That is what his daughter loves to do, because Daddy […]

Christ and Culture

Court Culture vs. Christ’s Culture

26 May , 2014  

Gratia Christi, quod Sum, quod Vivo, quoque Laboro facit. “The grace of Christ makes what I am, what I live, what I do” Court Culture vs. Christ’s Culture In the last several years, the homosexual lobby has been vociferously advocating for general recognition of homosexual unions as legal marriages. They have not been satisfied with […]


Shepherds Fool Ministries

Shepherds Fool Ministries Mission

8 Jan , 2014  

Mission and Passion My passion is to reach the far corners of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in different formats to appeal to varied individuals, whereby the hearts of some may be changed. Because Jesus chose me out of all the billions of people in the world, I want to bring Him glory. […]


Advent: Third Sunday

30 Dec , 2013  

Advent—Love December 22, 2013 “For thou art a holy people unto Jehovah thy God: Jehovah thy God hath chosen thee to be a people for his own possession, above all peoples that are upon the face of the earth. Jehovah did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in […]



All Together In One Accord

30 Jan , 2013  

Group Prayer January 27, 2013 Please offer your thanksgiving prayers for our oneness in Christ Personal Prayer Please offer your prayers Personal Prayer Please offer your prayers for those in need Personal Prayer Please pray for your selves. Personal Prayer Finally, our Lord God we offer the Prayer that You taught us, saying The Lord’s […]