Glad Tidings

GT—Volume 13 Issue 5

1 May , 2016  

Exclusive Offer! One to a Customer!

I’m sorry, but I cannot change the offer. Everyone gets one. The Scripture tells us that it is given unto man once to die; and after that the judgment. I suspect that most will want a second chance after they will have an opportunity to review their lives before the Divine Judge, who is righteous and just. Everyone who stands before his court He will judge by a perfect standard. Each will receive his or her perfectly just deserts.

Once a person sees his choices set off against what he should have decided, it will be clear why it would have been a better choice than what he made while living in this material life. But—and it is a life changing “but”—despite the resolution to do better next time, there are no “do-over’s”. This is all we get.

Life is a one-way street from cradle to grave. There is an absolute end of life, just as there is the absolute beginning at conception. We talk of remains. This refers to the dead body, which our family or society must dispose. Of the person, nothing is left in the carcass. Therefore, what is done in his or her life is finished. Every body dies. No exceptions (well, One).  dove-vector-clipart

Bad, Good, Bad, Good News!

The Bad news is that everyone dies. There is no escape in the foreseeable future. Some graveyards are so full of those who have died that they are having to double stack the bodies. There are upwards of 7,000,000,000 people on earth. Everyone can expect to end the same way – in death.

Human skulls and bones stacked in rows in the underground Catacombs, Paris, France.

We live our lives in a material world. For everyone that lives, that world has an end sometime, either early or late.

As I said, the body dies, but the good news is that we live on. God, in His wisdom, made us both material and immaterial. Our body He created for time. It ages and wears out, until it has outlived its usefulness. The good news is that He also gave us living souls that are immaterial. They do not wear out; thus while not eternal, since they began their being beginning in conception, they are everlasting. This means that in our persons, but not in our bodies, we have life that continues beyond the existence of our flesh.

That is a fact that too few consider. They live in the now, without thought of the hereafter.

That Good news is offset by further bad news. With one’s material life behind, the question is what happens next. For the eastern religions, the goal of this material life is to live in such a way as to end in a passionless peace. Islam has a paradise for those who appease Allah and a hell for those who do not.  dove-vector-clipart

The Truth Lies in Christianity

The truth lies in Christianity. The one true God has created all to be perfect, but man messed it up; thus we have two choices to embrace God’s way or follow our own way through this life. The further truth is that according to God’s perfect standard we are all under condemnation. The reality is, “To err is human.”  Scripture says, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”

“To err is human.”  Scripture says, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

The Bad news is that none of us qualify (qualification is living a perfect life) for Heaven, God’s blessed place of joy, love, and complete peace. That is pretty bad news, because the alternative to eternal blessedness is eternal torment in Hell. If you think life in this life is bad, you want to avoid the infinitely worse Hell.

OK, I said “bad, good, bad, good news.” Now it is time for the Good news again. Picture you are standing before the ultimate supreme court. Flashing on the screen for all of humanity, all the archangels, all angels and all other heavenly beings to see are every imagination, every thought, every word and every deed you have thought, uttered or done. It will be all the unvarnished truth. Every lie (white or black), every condemning thought about everyone, every theft from petty to greater, every lusting idea, every time you injured another, whether physical or emotional, everything will be broadcast.

This means that no a single second of your life and thoughts will be excluded. The record will have no blank spots – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth will be available for all to see and hear in full color and stereophonic sound. Also shown will be all the hidden acts of generosity, all the encouraging words, all the help you gave others, all your loving thoughts and deeds and gifts—everything will be exposed.

There will be no balancing scales, however, no offsetting of the good with the bad, or vice versa. I said earlier, the standard is perfection. Who will God allow into His perfect eternity? Only those who have lived perfectly, i.e. lived 24/7/365/80+/- years, only those with a perfect record (not one black mark).   dove-vector-clipart

How Does That Work Anyway?

Did I say this was good news?  Actually it is. This is how it works. In the world, ethics says it should not be whom you know, but what you know that gives success. The reason is that it is important that all people be treated according to their ability. People consider it unjust for a boss’ relative or friend to be hired or promoted instead of someone who has earned the advancement by dint of hard work. Favoritism in the world is unfair.

However, in God’s Kingdom, it is WHO you know that gives you entry into an eternal life of God’s blessedness—of love, joy and peace.

How can, what in human terms is unjust, be in spiritual realm the opposite? It is a question of justice, not fairness. Justice implies getting one’s deserts. Justice indicates that those who worked harder be favored, and those who produce less be passed over.

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Romans 3:23

In God’s perfect view of all men, not one measures up to His standard. Every human that has ever lived and all that will live in the future fail to qualify for God’s Kingdom and must be cast into Hell.

That desperate situation called for God’s mercy. Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit knew before they created mankind, that all, every last one, would be unworthy and barred from entry into God’s Presence. To satisfy God’s justice, and yet to fulfill God’s purpose in creating mankind for God to love, required a tremendous sacrifice. According to God’s character, an innocent life can substitute for a sinful life, providing atonement for the sins. The Trinity agreed that the Son would be born, live a sinless life and die as the atoning sacrifice for the sins of all mankind.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Also according to God’s character, the unworthy sinner cannot be forced. He or she must voluntarily submit to cleansing by the atoning blood of Christ. Ultimately each person who chooses to belong to Jesus, becomes spiritually known to God. Therefore, those who know that Jesus is their only salvation and cling to Him become the privileged who are allowed into Heaven.

In this way, justice and mercy are both served; at the same time, He preserves mankind’s freedom of choice. It is amazing how He can make it all work together to preserve His order and to bless the people He created to love. He is a loving Father, as well as being omniscient. At the same time, He is just, so all who choose to live their own way get to live without God eternally.  dove-vector-clipart

The Court of Last Resort

Thus, knowing Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the key to entry onto God’s Kingdom.  Come back to that court where He will judge all the people of the world.  The Father and the Holy Spirit sit behind and above the Judge overlooking the whole process. At the bar sits the Judge, you must look at Him.  You see that He is the Son of God, to whom the Father gave all judgment.  There, also, are two books.  The book of Works – every deed, word and thought is recorded for each person.  That is a gazillion gigabytes of data, but in God’s infinite capacity it is all there.

Next to the book of Works is the book of Life.  It is open to the blank page where your name could be written. You hope, fervently your name will be entered in and you will escorted by your guardian angel into glory.

As you approach, the recording angel (we can suppose) opens to your pages.  He runs his finger down the right side and smiles at you.  Then as his finger runs down the left side, he begins to frown, and then to sigh, and after a long list of negative entries, he looks at the Judge and just sadly shakes his head. The Judge looks at you and you quail, for His decision will be final and you eternal destiny hangs on His judgment.  The negative total in the book of Works bears no appeal.  That truth indicates a guilty verdict.

Jesus in clouds

“Father, this is one of mine, who believed in me and testified for me in the world. The guilty verdict is just; therefore I accept that verdict as my own.”

As the Son looks at you, He smiles and turns to His Father and says, “Father, this is one of mine, who believed in me and testified for me in the world.  The guilty verdict is just; therefore I accept that verdict as my own.”  He then turns back to you, raises His gavel and declares “Justified!” and brings it down with a heaven rattling finality.  In humble gratitude and deep love for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, you enter into glory, shouting praise to Almighty God for His love, mercy and forgiveness.  dove-vector-clipart

Bitter Truth And Better Truth

What happens to our sin? We saw that the total of the good and bad in your life tipped the scales of justice to the left. This meant that you would be left out of Heaven. However, with Jesus’ justification God admitted you. There are several answers to “What happens to our sin?” We will investigate them.

Scripture says God will remove our sins. He will sovereignly make our scarlet sins as white as snow. It says He will remove our sins as far as the east is from the west. It says He will cast them into the depth of the sea. It says He will cast them behind His back. It says He will remember them no more.

All of the above seems to indicate that He will eradicate our sins in some way. That sin which existed, has no more in existence, gone forever.

Jesus ransomed believers from their debt of sin. His blood cleanses us from all sin. Jesus paid the price for our sin on the cross. We go free. Jesus took our sins upon Himself. They died with Him. Jesus is the agent, releasing us from sin’s penalty, to bear it no more.

God in the Garden of Eden slaughtered animals to make coverings for Adam and Eve. God shed the blood of innocent animals to cover the nakedness of our first parents. Thus, God established the sacrificial system in which the blood of an innocent victim is atonement for sin. It cannot be human blood, for no human (but One) is sinless and therefore innocent.

It is significant to note that within a generation after the crucifixion of Jesus, the Messiah, the Jewish sacrificial system ceased. The Romans destroyed the Temple. Thus, while Jesus was not the last sacrifice for sin, He was the culminating sacrifice. His human life was sinless perfection, so Jesus could willingly give His life as atonement for all sin. Through Jesus Christ, sins are forgiven.

It the sad truth that not only evil people sin, but believers, who have accepted Jesus’ death for their sin, continue to sin. That is what sanctification is all about. Sanctification is the process whereby we seek out sin in our own lives and work to eradicate it by the power of the Holy Spirit and the dint of our effort. Because none of us is God, therefore total sanctification is impossible. Thus, we all come to that Judicial Bench guilty.

Zechariah 13:9 Refine them like silver

“I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, ‘They are my people,’ and they will say, ‘The LORD is our God.'” Zechariah 13:9

The Apostle Paul teaches us an interesting truth. He points out that we all stand before God with all our accouterments, our gifts, abilities, our record of blessings and of sins. For those who have embraced Christ during their lifetime, there is a pass into heaven. However, since nothing impure can sully the perfection of heaven, all that remains in our life that we have not purged in the sanctification process, must be eliminated before we can enter. Paul states there is a purging fire that we pass through. All that is gold and precious jewels will be unscathed, but that which is unworthy, the “wood, hay and stubble” of our lives, the sins will be purged by holy fire. He warns that the burning away of sin will be excruciatingly painful, but since we belong to Jesus we will embrace the fire and come forth as much fine (as in refined) gold.  dove-vector-clipart

Better and Better News

Since this is the last of the mailed editions of Glad Tidings, many of you will no longer receive these mailings. Therefore, under “‘editorial privilege” I will give you my swan song.

Do not wait a moment longer, run, do not walk into Jesus’ waiting arms. Throw down every reservation, humble your heart before Jesus the Son of God and accept Him as your only Savior. Confess your need, your sins and seek His ready forgiveness.

I have staked my life on Jesus, and have discovered it was the best decision of my life. It will be yours as well. It is not hard. A simple prayer with a truthful heart, “Jesus I want You.” will do it.

To you who have been living in Christ, I adjure you – go deeper! Do not allow your pride to keep you from your knees. Do not allow your tradition to prevent your whole-hearted and enthusiastic surrender to the overflowing joy that is in Christ. Allow the Holy Spirit to pour living water into your souls and flush out the sin that so easily besets you.

Finally, pray for family, friends, acquaintances and people you see on the street or in stores that surround you and I. Their current lives may eternally separate them from the one true source of love and all that is gloriously good. Do not skip any opportunity to tell them about the love, joy, peace and wonder of the life in Christ. You are the ones that God is calling to evangelize. Take advantage of the privilege to bless them and receive blessing for the glory of God. Amen.   dove-vector-clipart

Questions Demanding Answers

In each issue, I will pose a question. You may send me your answer. I will publish the best one in the next issue. Please cite Biblical authority, and keep your answer 250 words or less.

QUESTION:  How can we have a great revival?

ANSWER: The Holy Spirit fires all revivals. I believe those who have researched past great revivals. They agree that revival comes because God’s people engaged in a concerted prayer effort to call for revival.

Prevenient Grace is the doctrine that the Holy Spirit works in individuals and society to lay the foundation for a turning to Christ. A revival occurs when multitudes of the lost and sinful become excited about Jesus and turn in droves to believe in Him. They abandon their former sin-filled lives and embrace holiness.

In 1740’s Great Awakening in the American Colonies, masses of people confessed faith in Jesus and the result was a positive impact on society. Church attendance skyrocketed. Taverns closed because they had no business, brothels disappeared. Families were strengthened, relationships were healed.

More recently in 1960’s, the Holy Spirit revival swept through the churches, reintroducing the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with attending manifestations. People in all denominations converted from the “frozen chosen” into ecstatic, joyful believers.Then in 1850’s our nation experienced the Second Great Awakening. It was marked by the masses of people who were convicted of their sin and publicly confessed. The revival swept through this young nation restoring the Christ-centered culture.

With our nation officially turning its back on Jesus, if America is to be saved we need a revival, desperately. Pray for revival!

QUESTION: How much do you love Jesus?

The Holy of Holies

Join me in bowing before our God in gratitude that we can speak directly and personally to Him. He is our loving Father, so we can embrace Him boldly, but respectfully.

My precious God, I am surrounded by people who do not know You. There are children growing up that do not know who Jesus is. There are two generations around us who have never learned any Bible stories in their youth. 

What is your will for me? Do I make a fool of myself by going up to strangers on the street to tell them they need Jesus? They do!

Do I write to my neighbors and friends to tell them about Jesus?

Holy Spirit, My loving Father has placed You in my life as the earnest of my inheritance in God’s Kingdom. You are working in me to produce Your fruit in my life. I surrender to Your work in transforming me into a wholly owned servant of my precious Savior. 

Convince me of my sin that I may confess and receive Your cleansing. Convince me of my resistance to my Master’s voice. Make me more malleable to His will in my life. Convince me of my ungodly attitudes that I justify. Fill my Heart. Make me a joyful, humble, loving servant to You and the people in my life.

You are my God and I will praise You.  You are my Father and I will honor You. You are my Savior and I will thank You. You are my comforter and I will cling to You

You have come to live as a part of my life and I will pay attention to Your dwelling with me. I will submit to You for Your approval all that I think, say and do.

Your wisdom is important to me for all I do.

Now, my gracious God and precious Lord, I offer you my praise. I will glorify Your name by proclaiming it abroad. Blessings and honor and majesty and power and wisdom and glory are Yours, O God, most holy!


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